About Me

The Photographer

    Hi! My name is Elizabeth Ramirez. I am a photographer and the first thing you would have to know about me is that I love art. All forms of it. I have always had a passion for art and loved painting and drawing since I was a child. But now I create with light, using my camera to capture those special, invaluable moments that we want to keep in our memories forever.

However, I am not just a photographer. I am also a mother of two amazing children and two crazy Shih-tzus. I love eating and living healthy and enjoy practicing Yoga, biking and taking hiking adventures with my family. Amongst other things. I enjoy exploring the beautiful Texas Hill Country where I live and am constantly working on perfecting my photography on any free time that I get.

I will forever be grateful for the eyes I have, for with them I am able to seeā€¦